Let me guess,

You are going out at night in a few days and you need a dress to stand out from the others. Everyone is going for a classy or sexy look and you know it is going to be a fun night of eating sushi and clubbing. Well, you are looking at the right place! Our team chose 5 Dresses in the "Party Dresses" collection to make your decisions easier!

1. The "Open Chest Splitted" Dress


This dress will give you a relaxed expensive look. If that even makes sens. Anyways, you can wear this one with a small handbag like in the picture. We recommend this style with high heels and our pearl neckless that you can find in the accessories collection to add that touch of secret girl vibe without looking like you're doing too much.

2. The "Hollow Hips" Dress

This dress was designed to match the energy of your confidence. Wear it with precautions, everyone is going to break their neck while you walk through with your friends. Add a shoulder bag, some heels, your favorite jewelry, your glory and is ready to take pictures!!3.


3. The "Vodka Party"

This dress is the most all around in this review. Classic and elegant his look is easy to wear, easy to style and comfort. This short dress is all you need to feel special on regular nights. We strongly suggest to wear it with your favorite sneaker and have fun with it!



You can find all of these styles in our website !